Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Nature Lost A Best Friend

Photo by Gary Braasch, Tuvalu Kids

The headline on a blog post by Andrew Revkin  on Dot Earth, New York Times, read "Too Soon Gone – Gary Braasch, Visual Chronicler of Climate Change". We all lost a true conservation hero on Monday, March 7. Conservation photographer and climate change activist Gay Braasch died while snorkeling with a companion near Lizard Island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Those who knew Gary would universally say that he was the epitome of the dedicated conservationist.  I first met Gary in 1994 at the Roger Tory Petersen Institute in Jamestown, NY, as a small group of photographers gathered to form what would be called NANPA - the North American Nature Photography Association. Gary was singularly committed to ensuring that NANPA kept environmental conservation as one of the core principles. And to this day, environmental protection remains a NANPA cornerstone.

A decade later, Gary once again was a key figure in the formation of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP). Gary followed true to form as he asserted himself as an outspoken advocate for environmental activism through photography.

Gary's most recent endeavors centered on the issue of climate change as a review of his photography will show. iLCP Photographer Kevin FItzPatrick and a small group of Gary's friends have proposed that "we pay tribute the Gary by stepping up and committing ourselves to addressing climate change." Kevin went on to say, "My first thought after hearing of Gary’s death was that I wanted his mission to live on!  I want to put $1000 toward a fund that could make this happen."  iLCP founder and conservationist Christina Mittermeier and underwater conservation photographer Paul Nicklen both committed to donating to the cause and spreading the word. If you are interested in supporting Kevin's endeavor, please contact him at or send me an email at

Gary will be sorely missed.

Posted by Mark Lukes, 
Fine Print Imaging President